Four Generations

Four Generations
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Patricia Snave Shubnell (Schubnell)

So we have a name, where do we go now?  Search the Internet and see what pops up?  How about the Illinois Statewide Death Index?

Okay, Patricia Schubnell?  Nothing. So, she could have gotten married again, but I also know that you have to be creative with spelling and finally after many tries found her under Patricia Shubnell.

Last Name          First Name   Middle    Sex/Race    Age   Certificate #   Date of Death   County
SHUBNELL      PATRICIA   V             F/W         UNK  0500059       1933-02-23     LA SALLE   
City                              Date Filed
OTTAWA TWP          33-02-23
Excellent, I know had her:
  • middle initial - V (hm wonder if it's Victoria like me)
  • date of death
  • death certificate number
  • location of death
Was this enough? Was I done? Absolutely not.  Mom was born 09/12/1927 which would make her 5 when her mother died.  You would think at that age she would have a memory of her mother. Was she blocking it out or was something else going on?  Also another question was why did she die in Ottawa Illinois?  I didn't remember anyone ever talking about Ottawa Illinois.

I sent away for the death certificate. Okay, i sent my money on Saturday do you think they will receive it and send the certificate on Monday? No way.

Tip number 3: Patience is a virtue we must all possess!

Okay, it's here, let's see what it says!

I know it is a little hard to read:
  1. Patricia V Shubnell
  2. Ottawa Ave
  3. Female, White, Divorced
  4. Husband: Rudolph Shubnell
  5. Date of birth: 02/27/1909
  6. Age: 23 years 11 months 26 days
  7. Trade: none
  8. Industry: none
  9. Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
  10. Father: Elmer C Snave York Pennsylvania
  11. Mother: Amelia Thompson Derbyshire England
  12. Informant: Elmer C Snave 1517 E 63rd Place Chicago
  13. Burial: OakWood Cemetery Chicago Illinois 02/25/1933
  14. Undertaker: W. F. Bailey Ottawa Illinois
  15. Date of Death: 02/23/1933
  16. I hereby certify, that I took charge of the remains of the deceased herein described, held an Inquest thereon and from the evidence obtained find that said deceased came to her death on the date stated above and that Disease or injury causing death was: from gun shot wounds through the lungs and heart.
  17. Manner of injury was: Murdered at 2:20am, death occurred immediately.
  18. Homicidal
  19. H S Lester MD Coroner
WOW, this was really a shock and completely different then those family stories.  Need some time to think this one over and plan the next steps.  See ya soon...

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