Four Generations

Four Generations
Loretta, Don, Vicki with Andy, Grace and Clarence Hilb

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So what does that have to do with genealogy?

The strange behaviors in Mom after Dad's death made me realize I needed to find out more about her background and family.  I pulled out the old genealogy documents that I had saved and started fresh. I purchased Family Tree Maker and started entering what I knew.  Of course being the independent person I am I did not read any of the important material until about 6 months into my research.  I then realized I now had about 2,000 family members with all sorts of vital statistics but had not sourced a single one of them.  Well I knew where the information came from, but your supposed to document it for those that don't know?Guess that makes sense!

Well, research slowed down while I went back and sourced all those entries. 

So here is my second tip:  Cite your sources! Definitely pick up a copy of :

Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

This will be a very valuable resource for years to come.  Come back later...

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