Four Generations

Four Generations
Loretta, Don, Vicki with Andy, Grace and Clarence Hilb

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So where do we start looking for mom's mother?

Okay, where to start? Well I knew we had to start backwards and find out about Grandpa Rudolph's (mom's dad) marriage to mom's mother (we had no name). I did know that the family story was that she died in a nut house.  Of course i never believed that and speculated she was a hooker. Rude child that I was. To many secrets about it and I was sure it had to be something juicy. I did know that no one spoke about her and this was not going to be an easy journey. So we started in Chicago where mom grew up and her half brother and sister were born. 

So for some reason instead of writing to Cook County I wrote to Lake County vital records and they willingly checked their records from 1839 to present date for a marriage between Rudolph Schubnell
and an unknown and did not find anything. No surprise there. 

I wrote to Cook County vital records and they checked 3 years before mom's birth and found nothing.

Well, what about Crown Point, Indiana.  This is close to Chicago and was well known for the quick marriages.  A search there found the marriage license.  Now the problem was reading her name. Patricia
Snaoe, Snaue, Snare and we finally figured it out Snave!  Yahoo we are on a roll.  Document that source!

From the marriage record we now had her full name, date of birth, where she was born, where she currently resided, her parents names, occupations, and luckily all the same for my grandfather.

So here are the vitals:
Grandmother: Patricia Snave
Date of birth and location: 02-27-1908 Chicago Illinois
Current residence: Chicago Illinois
Occupation: nothing listed
Father: Elmer Snave
Birth place: York, Pennsylvania
Current residence: Chicago Illinois
Occupation: Electrician
Mother: Amelia Thompson
Birth place: England
Current residence: Died
This is Patricia's first marriage.

Grandfather: Rudolph Schubnell
Date of birth and location: 05-31-1906 Chicago Illinois
Current residence: Chicago Illinois
Occupation: Electrician
Father: John Schubnell
Birthplace: Germany
Current residence: Chicago Illinois
Occupation: Painter
Mother: Freda Keil
Birthplace: Germany
Current residence: Dead
This is Rudolph's first marriage.

Married 08-31-1927 by the Justice of the Peace.

Lot's of valuable information gathered outside of finding the name of my grandmother.
  •  Rudolph and Elmer were both electricians.  Is this how Rudolph and Patricia met? 
  •  Both great grandmothers were deceased at the time of this marriage. 
  • Germany was the birthplace of both Schubnell parents
  • York Pennsylvania was the birthplace for Elmer and England for Amelia
  • Dates of birth and places of birth
  • First marriages for both Rudolph and Patricia.
Lot's of information got added to Family Tree Maker. Come back later for more...

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