Four Generations

Four Generations
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Judge Hears Testimony to Fix Penalty

Arthur Rigney took the stand at 11:10 am on March 31, 1933. Through questions from his attorney he told the story of his life. He told of giving Patsy money and of alleged illicit relations with her. He testified about his wife and daughter in New York. He told of proposing marriage to Patsy. 

He was born on a farm in Palmyra Missouri a part of a family of four boys and three girls.  He spoke of residing in Hannibal with his wife, daughter and in laws and their move to Cicero New York. He left New York because his mother in law mistreated him.

He told he met Patsy a year ago January via an introduction by Earl Smith in Naplate.  Patsy was residing at the same house but with the Webb family.  Arthur saw her regularly.  He told of taking Patsy to shows and dances and that after he broke his leg he recuperated at the Webb home with Patsy. He was in love with her when he started his three week stay there and more in love when he left.

He said on one or two occasions he talked with Patsy about marriage and once asked her if she would like to be his wife. She laughed and asked if he was married and he said yes and she told him he needed to get a divorce.  He said he was giving Patsy money and she only asked for money on two occasions. Once was for $10 to buy a coat and another to loan Mrs. Webb $10.  He said Patsy never bought a coat but bought someone else a present. He said Patsy was not running around with any man but him. 

It is amazing the detail you can find in newspaper accounts.  See ya soon....

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