Four Generations

Four Generations
Loretta, Don, Vicki with Andy, Grace and Clarence Hilb

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John P McCormick testifies

The murder happened at the home that John P McCormick was renting and Patsy was residing in. John advised that he resided in Chicago two years prior and knew Patsy then.  They were never sweethearts.  John only knew Arthur Ringney by the name "Geranium".  He had met him 2.5 months prior at his home. Geranium came there to see Patsy. He was not sure if they were in love, and never thought it was a serious case. Patsy went to shows and things like that with other fellows. Geranium thought she should stick to him better then she did.

McCormick said he went to bed about 1:30 and was awaken around 2:00 am by the click of a gun. Patsy was lieing on the bed next to him fully clothed with the exception of shoes and stockings. He asked Geranium what he was doing with the gun and Geranium told him he was going to kill her.  He then turned and ran downstairs.  John told Patsy to go to the other room to quiet things down.

Geranium came back upstairs and told her several times he was going to kill her. Patsy told him he was yellow. Then "I saw him fire the gun". He took the gun from Geranium and Geranium ran from the house. John placed the gun on the table by the door and it later disappeared.

The Jeffries testified as well as Felix Wacjulas. The witnesses were released from custody after their testimony with the exception of Felix. He was taken back to the jail for further questioning about the gun. Felix was a junk dealer. More about the verdict and jury...

P.S. Reading through the news account makes you feel like you were there. Wish they could find the original court transcripts.

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