Four Generations

Four Generations
Loretta, Don, Vicki with Andy, Grace and Clarence Hilb

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arthur Rigney What happened to him?

So, I have to have as many of the pieces to a puzzle as I can get. I wrote to the archived records section of the state of Illinois and requested everything and anything they could tell me about Arthur and how he served his prison sentence.

Per the records I received:
Arthur was received into Joliet Prison on April 8,1933 with a sentence of 35 years for murder. He is described as:
Race: white
Age: 48
Hair: dark grey hair
Eyes: grey green
Height: 5'8 3/4"
Build: medium
Weight: 165
Education: 8th grade
Religion: Methodist

Released from prison: January 7, 1952.

So Arthur served 19 years of his 35 year sentence. Records show that January 7, 1952 would have been the earliest he could have been released. 

No one knows for sure what happened to Arthur after his release. We do have his death certificate showing his date of death as February 27,1961 at the Maple Lawn Rest Home in Palmyra Missouri.  Arthur's brother W C Rigney (who was a witness at trial) was the informant.

Am I done with research on Patsy and Arthur? No!  I have a photo taken at a family reunion of Arthur's family and we believe it contains my grandmother Patsy and mother Grace as well.  I just have to find a picture of Patsy to prove it.
So who do we work on next...

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