Four Generations

Four Generations
Loretta, Don, Vicki with Andy, Grace and Clarence Hilb

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1940 US Census and

First let me congratulate for partnering with NARA in presenting the 1940 Census.

The above link will be worn out by 10am on April 2, 2012.  I hope that I am able to get online and use the new Census to fill some holes in my current research. 

I have been researching daily since 2003 when my father passed away. I have found information in census records, land records, wills, bibles, obituaries, newspaper articles, court records, etc., but have been patiently waiting for the 1940 census. I have ideas of where family members were, but need the verification to confirm my suspicions. Suspicions, yes it appears that my family is no different then any other. We had brothers marrying sisters, brothers divorcing one sister and marrying another, adopted children, lots of relocations, I have found half siblings I never knew about, marriages that were surpises and people in prison.

The census records help me build a timeline of where people were and are and possibly lead me to where they were inbetween. 

Who do I need to find? Well there is Rudolph Schubnell my maternal grandfather who was married three different times and had a couple of families. Would like to know what happened to the middle wife. My father Donald Hilb while he will only be 13 in the 1940 census, I want to see the neighbors around him then. (He provided two of my half siblings I discovered after his death) I want to be able to track the neighbors as they story I was provided was dad and G were neighbors for a few years. My mother as there is confusion who she was actually residing with around this time. My list goes on like a roll of toilet paper.

Thanks to GeneaBloggers Thomas MacEntee for posting the information about the census and always keeping us informed. 

P.S. Is it April yet?

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